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Star Leaf (2015)

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Watch Star Leaf movie online free - Hikers find a secret grove of extra-terrestrial marijuana and must fight for their lives when they anger the other-worldly forces protecting the plants.

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Genre: Horror

Runtime: 1:17:00

Released: 2015-06-06


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Profile Pic MrTheSqueezed says:
Hahahaha wtf
Profile Pic All Channel Films says:
Check out the trailer for the Marijuana Horror film 4/20 MASSACRE
Profile Pic Jacquesauche Spyhn says:
People just take movies way to seriously, I think we just forgot how to just enjoy the movie and understand not everyone have huge budgets and its even harder getting a crew together achieve an finish product atleast give them props for following through and finishing the film. Ty guys for the free film the next film should be ...
Profile Pic Nacapa says:
Profile Pic Guilherme Gui says:
Profile Pic silenthill2083 says:
z nation
Profile Pic Wise Monks says:
A movie made for potheads (chuckling) hehehe!!!
Profile Pic Jennifer Kraak-Barnett says:
I just wish I seen this sooner. I was really into this movie. had the honor of meeting Ranger Dave. I enjoyed the show with star leaf ak-47.
Profile Pic Shelby Price says:
I watched this entire film high and I still had so many damn unanswered questions. if they can pick the bud straight off the plant and smoke it then it must be from space. THE ENDING MADE ME SO MAD. I can't believe I watched the whole thing.
Profile Pic ras b says:
WTF hahaha low budget piece of crap Dowg poop this is !

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