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Blade Runner 204... (2017)

Blade Runner 2049 Poster

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K, unearths a long...

Rated: 7.8 / Added: 2017-10-04 / Language: en

mother! (2017)

mother! Poster

mother! (2017)

A couple's relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranq...

Rated: 6.9 / Added: 2017-09-13 / Language: en

American Assassi... (2017)

American Assassin Poster

American Assassin (2017)

Following the murder of his fiancée, Mitch Rapp trains under the instruction of Cold War has-been S...

Rated: 5.1 / Added: 2017-09-14 / Language: en

Happy Death Day (2017)

Happy Death Day Poster

Happy Death Day (2017)

A college student relives the day of her murder over and over again as she tries to discover her kil...

Rated: 7.3 / Added: 2017-10-12 / Language: en

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Thor: Ragnarok Poster

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe and finds himself in a race against time to get...

Rated: n/a / Added: 2017-10-25 / Language: en

Geostorm (2017)

Geostorm Poster

Geostorm (2017)

Gerard Butler playing a stubborn but charming satellite designer who, when the world’s climate-con...

Rated: 5 / Added: 2017-10-19 / Language: en

The Snowman (2017)

The Snowman Poster

The Snowman (2017)

Detective Harry Hole investigates the disappearance of a woman whose pink scarf is found wrapped aro...

Rated: 4.9 / Added: 2017-10-12 / Language: en

Jigsaw (2017)

Jigsaw Poster

Jigsaw (2017)

Dead bodies begin to turn up all over the city, each meeting their demise in a variety of grisly way...

Rated: 7.8 / Added: 2017-10-20 / Language: en

Only the Brave (2017)

Only the Brave Poster

Only the Brave (2017)

Members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots battle deadly wildfires to save an Arizona town.

Rated: n/a / Added: 2017-10-19 / Language: en

The Killing of a... (2017)

The Killing of a Sacred Deer Poster

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

A teenager's attempts to bring a brilliant surgeon into his dysfunctional family take an unexpected ...

Rated: n/a / Added: 2017-10-20 / Language: en

Wind River (2017)

Wind River Poster

Wind River (2017)

An FBI agent teams with the town's veteran game tracker to investigate a murder that occurred on a N...

Rated: 7.4 / Added: 2017-08-03 / Language: en

Atomic Blonde (2017)

Atomic Blonde Poster

Atomic Blonde (2017)

An undercover MI6 agent is sent to Berlin during the Cold War to investigate the murder of a fellow ...

Rated: 6.2 / Added: 2017-07-26 / Language: en

6 Below: Miracle... (2017)

6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain Poster

6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain (2017)

An adrenaline seeking snowboarder gets lost in a massive winter storm in the back country of the Hig...

Rated: 4.6 / Added: 2017-10-13 / Language: en

The LEGO Ninjago... (2017)

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Poster

The LEGO Ninjago Movie (2017)

Six young ninjas are tasked with defending their island home of Ninjago. By night, they’re gifted ...

Rated: 6.4 / Added: 2017-09-21 / Language: en

The Mountain Bet... (2017)

The Mountain Between Us Poster

The Mountain Between Us (2017)

Stranded after a tragic plane crash, two strangers must forge a connection to survive the extreme el...

Rated: 7.1 / Added: 2017-10-05 / Language: en

What Happened to... (2017)

What Happened to Monday Poster

What Happened to Monday (2017)

In a world where families are limited to one child due to overpopulation, a set of identical septupl...

Rated: 7.3 / Added: 2017-08-18 / Language: en

Ballerina (2016)

Ballerina Poster

Ballerina (2016)

Set in 1879 Paris. An orphan girl dreams of becoming a ballerina and flees her rural Brittany for Pa...

Rated: 7.1 / Added: 2016-12-14 / Language: en

Logan Lucky (2017)

Logan Lucky Poster

Logan Lucky (2017)

Trying to reverse a family curse, brothers Jimmy and Clyde Logan set out to execute an elaborate rob...

Rated: 6.4 / Added: 2017-08-17 / Language: en

Professor Marsto... (2017)

Professor Marston & the Wonder Women Poster

Professor Marston & the Wonder Women (2017)

The unconventional life of Dr. William Marston, the Harvard psychologist and inventor who helped inv...

Rated: 3.8 / Added: 2017-10-13 / Language: en

Jungle (2017)

Jungle Poster

Jungle (2017)

A mysterious guide escorts an enthusiastic adventurer and his friend into the Amazon jungle. Their j...

Rated: n/a / Added: 2017-10-20 / Language: en