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Starship (1984)

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Watch Starship movie online free - Jowitt, a mercenary without recluse institutes a totalitarian regime in a small mining city of an arid planet, Ordessa, helped in that by androids incapable of any emotion. The young Lorca and his android professor, Kid, are both in this tended situation. To find the liberty, they must at any costs seize a spaceship, the "Red Star", but they quickly have to face an android killer...

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Genre: Science Fiction

Runtime: 1:35:00

Released: 1984-12-13



21st century. Lets see the movie shows white antifa protestors, blacks wearing football helmets causing problems. Looks legit.
Profile Pic Die, Master Monkey says:
52:37 So *that's* where the cosplay kinks from The Shining spend their off hours
Profile Pic Philip Jones says:
Not slept so well in ages.
Profile Pic GohModley says:
Komatsu funded
Profile Pic A Doozer says:
no titties. damn. a day w/o titties is a day w/o sunshine.
Profile Pic John Smith says:
*sigh* Not compelling. Walking out.
Profile Pic Ralph Washburn says:
The 80s force is strong with this one. lol
Profile Pic dunk dunk says:
alien's with m16's 0_o
Profile Pic Matthew Suffidy says:
Oh no here come the black minor football teams.
Profile Pic Tina Gallagher says:
Not a bad movie- I liked it.

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