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The Black Cobra 3 (1990)

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Watch The Black Cobra 3 movie online free - Shipment of American weapons is stolen in the Philippines. An American named Hawkins tries to find the weapons. Hawkins ends up dead. Chicago policeman Bob Malone is called in to investigate. Along with Interpol agent Greg Duncan, Malone travels the streets of Manila, tracking down leads. Criminals always seem to know where Duncan and Malone will be, which leads them to suspect a traitor in their midst.

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Genre: Action

Runtime: 1:32:00

Released: 1990-06-01



Profile Pic Nate Miller says:
"Black Cobra 3 - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" It has to exist. I need it.
Profile Pic Ihate GMZ says:
Who the hell Told Williamson that cigar was a good look?  Damn. 
Profile Pic Andoc says:
If this guy were a robot his directives would be: 1.-Fuck up criminals. 2.- Minimize property damage. For real.
Profile Pic Carlos Yanez says:
Profile Pic chapterpt says:
Good thing toilet paper is bullet proof!
Profile Pic HoraceTheCat says:
Damn that toilet paper must be made of kevlar.
Profile Pic SeeYouNextTuesday0 says:
The first one of your viewers to move is dead!
Profile Pic oMuStIiA says:
4:30 That nut-shot was a thing of beauty.
Profile Pic Jeff F says:
I like how at 3:16 the dude on the left picks up a shotgun off the store shelf.
Profile Pic The Jflood says:
I preferred the freddiew remake of this.

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