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Perfect Blue: Yume Nara Samete (2002)

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Watch Perfect Blue: Yume Nara Samete movie online free - Asaka Ai is a budding starlet waiting for her big break to make it into the limelight. Under the dedicated tutelage of her manager Bando she shuffles from one photo shoot to the next, most often resulting in her image being used on various advertising posters. With the help of a catchy tune, Ai and Bando anticipate she will finally break out of merely poster appearances and into television commercials and from there, real stardom. The song is entitled "If this is a Dream Wake Me" (Yume Nara Samete) and was written by Ai's friend Hiromi just prior to Hiromi jumping headlong off a tall building. Butas things started to go well, a stalker shows up knowing anything and everything about Ai...

Perfect Blue: Yume Nara Samete Poster

Genre: Foreign, Drama, Thriller

Runtime: 1:43:00

Released: 2002-08-24



Profile Pic Denisse Montoya says:
Ive seen the movie, both anime and live action and I was trying to find the book but I cant find it anywhere (not for sale or download), can someone help me...
Profile Pic Dealric17 says:
don't you have original version maybe? It's impossible to find
Profile Pic Binh Nguyen says:
Thank you for uploading the lyrics. I love this song very much.
Profile Pic TheCleverArachnid says:
I'm glad you enjoyed it ^u^. Have you seen the movie?
Profile Pic Mushi Akechi says:
Thanks a lot for working and uploading this video. Really awesome, thanks again >w<

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