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Bunt (2007)

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Watch Bunt movie online free - Filling the cups of classmates with a kettle is the only work 11-year-old Dong-ku, who is mentally retarded, can do in his school life. However, even this small connection with the outside world breaks as one day a new water purifier replaces the kettle in his classroom. Disappointed badly by losing his only hope to survive in a regular school, he finds that every freshman in the junior baseball team is required to supply drinking water to other members with a kettle. Though knows nothing about baseball, Dong-ku decides to join the team while his father, Jin-kyu, is struggling to save his kid’s only shelter, their chicken bar.

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Runtime: 1:36:00

Released: 2007-04-26



Profile Pic says:
Profile Pic Punk clownie says:
awesome movie.
Profile Pic Janinna Ruth Bagtang says:
:'( very touching yet enjoyable movie..
Profile Pic Nathan says:
extra ordinary movie
Profile Pic maki marquez says:
Jeong Jin-Yeong :))

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