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Nasty Hero (1987)

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Watch Nasty Hero movie online free - Chase has just got out of jail for a crime he didn't commit, and goes in search of a gang that have kidnapped his friend's niece.

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Genre: Action

Runtime: 1:21:00

Released: 1987-09-25



Profile Pic INTERNA9 says:
Best of the best !
Profile Pic Jombo Solomon says:
Scrap of a movie, very annoying and time
Profile Pic Jeff Mac says:
That's 75 minutes of my life wasted, 80s movies are so awful chessy.
Profile Pic Hardman1980 says:
at 57:24 that is santa fe in sandiego downtown 1194 Kettner blvd
Profile Pic Hardman1980 says:
wow i live here in san diego, fantastic movie
Profile Pic Hardman1980 says:
i think that whats looks like in 1987 in san diego back then not much buildings and yacht
Profile Pic Hardman1980 says:
at 55:50 is that coronado bridge in san diego.
Profile Pic kenni bugge says:
wimps all off them
Profile Pic Koti M says:
1:18:47 IMDB Technical Specifications Runtime 1 hr 15 min (75 min) 1 hr 21 min (81 min) (Spain)

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