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Thurgood (2011)

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Watch Thurgood movie online free - This one-man play stars Laurence Fishburne in his Tony-nominated performance as Thurgood Marshall, the remarkable Civil Rights lawyer and Supreme Court Justice.

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Genre: Drama

Runtime: 1:45:00

Released: 2011-02-24



Profile Pic Marcus Hankins says:
Hey folk. when this moive come out. I want to watch it.
Profile Pic Tina Loye says:
Profile Pic Jonathan Shailor says:
Superb!  Now I would like to see a film bio of Frederick Douglas - with Laurence Fishburne in the title role.
Profile Pic Matthew Zarzeczny says:
Today in the history of
Profile Pic Endless Notions says:
morpheus :D
Profile Pic kssward2 says:
This was a brilliant performance and a wonderful portrait of Thurgood Marshall! Awesome job!
Profile Pic 12*byte says:
I always said he looked like Frederick Douglass, but he does an awesome Thurgood Marshall
Profile Pic Wundweber says:
this is so fucking good acting
Profile Pic REY VANDYK says:
which one should i take? blue or red pill?
Profile Pic Wade Humber says:
i dig Fishburne, ever since i first saw him in Apocolypse now... but this flic looks as much fun as watching paint dry. to each his own i guess.

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