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Sabotage (1996)

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Watch Sabotage movie online free - Former special services agent plays an intricate game of chess involving several federal agencies. Queen takes pawn.

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Genre: Thriller, Action

Runtime: 1:36:00

Released: 1996-01-01



Profile Pic Mathis Bastholm Broe says:
Profile Pic MCNoMuscle says:
looks great, i hope it will be released in Austria too! xd
Profile Pic navylaks2 says:
Low budget, look's allright but let's face the facts only James Cameron can resurect Arnolds old Balls
Profile Pic Gilbert Espino says:
I know I'm so excited too.
Profile Pic Mr.schwarzenegger Hes back says:
Returns the hero more great action of the 80s
Profile Pic Gilbert Espino says:
Oh yeah this movie looks so awesome. Can never go wrong with Arnold movies. Specially the director wAs from end of watch . I personally loved tat movie. That's just my opinion tho. Lol. Come on Arnold!!!! Lol
Profile Pic hwow says:
It looks like a very cool movie
Profile Pic John J. Rambo says:
Already 301 views, it means it will be very popular, cool stuff!!!
Profile Pic John J. Rambo says:
Looks awesome to me!! From the creator of TRAINING DAY (2001) great movie btw, its promising!
Profile Pic WorldPrestige Kids says:
movie looks sick ^,^

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