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Tom's Midnight Garden (1999)

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Watch Tom's Midnight Garden movie online free - When Tom Long's brother Peter gets measles, Tom is sent to stay with his Uncle Alan and Aunt Gwen in a flat with no garden and an elderly and reclusive landlady, Mrs Bartholomew, living upstairs. Because he may be infectious he is not allowed out to play, and feels lonely. Without exercise he is less sleepy at night and when he hears the communal grandfather clock strangely strike 13, he investigates and finds the small back yard is now a large sunlit garden. Here he meets another lonely child called Hatty, who seems to be the only one who can see him. They have adventures which he gradually realises are taking place in the 19th century. And each night when Tom visits, Hatty is a different age, chronologically out of sequence.

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Genre: Family, Mystery

Runtime: 1:47:00

Released: 1999-05-15


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Profile Pic Farhan Ali says:
Best book you seriously need to read before you watch it.It is like you are in your own world when you read it. I remember reading it when was a kid!
Profile Pic derrick tivey says:
can anyone find this piece of music for me please.
Profile Pic Elena M. says:
I remember reading this book years ago. Now I've searched for hours but I can't find it anymore!
Profile Pic Hannah Shribman-Brown says:
Awww...I reread the book recently. I'd completely forgotten that Hatty used to claim she was a princess when she was young. It's interesting how her character changes and the friendship changes as she grows up.
Profile Pic lovelock512 says:
The feels! The memories!

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