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Old Men: Colonels (2007)

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Watch Old Men: Colonels movie online free - The adventures of two old friends: Andrey Andreevich - the former KGB colonel and Oleg Borisovich - former chief of police.

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Genre: Mystery, Crime

Runtime: 1:29:00

Released: 2007-06-06



Profile Pic Jesse Lewis says:
Probably the greatest movie ever made
Profile Pic Philip Zamora says:
Someone ought to remaster this trailer. It deserves better than this.
Profile Pic Dc Scorch says:
Now I know where this song is from
Profile Pic Alex S says:
Brave lads
Profile Pic kaizer D blood says:
if anyone wants to know the name of the epic song in this trailers is Carl Orff - O Fortuna ~ Carmina Burana
Profile Pic Martz Paepae says:
one of my favourite 80s movie!had the privelege to see it at the cinemas on its release...was moved to tears...only the rare & great ones do that to me''......."give em hell 54th" !!
Profile Pic Scott Allen says:
Interesting..... Black and White - fought side by side to free the Slaves.... And Under President OBAMA it seems like we're more divided than we have been in 20 years.... Go figure .... What Happened !!! What went WRONG ?????
Profile Pic FictionRumble says:
epic music for epic fight!
Profile Pic p u v y says:
Profile Pic daustin8888 says:
This trailer made my hairs stand up. Don't know why modern trailers cant do that

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