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Old Men: Colonels (2007)

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Watch Old Men: Colonels movie online free - The adventures of two old friends: Andrey Andreevich - the former KGB colonel and Oleg Borisovich - former chief of police.

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Genre: Mystery, Crime

Runtime: 1:29:00

Released: 2007-06-06



Profile Pic Tait Linn says:
It's entertainment. But this is how our corrupt government is showing us,it is all corrupt. We will stand strong with our Constitution backing us.
Profile Pic Sebastian Contreras says:
I won you loose
Profile Pic Sebastian Contreras says:
I win you loose
Profile Pic VengefulSage says:
great movie! just watched it again today
Profile Pic Jason X says:
Murtaugh sure played a great villain
Profile Pic MarkDaBlueShark says:
lord knows i want to
Profile Pic Clinton Kimmell says:
sufferin succotash it sure ish hard to take glover sherioushly w that bad lishp from hish retainer he wore in that movie..
Profile Pic Bryan Arellano says:
the best line of the movie raping and murdering women and children you sick fuck
Profile Pic CHARLETON LUCAS says: god
Profile Pic CHARLETON LUCAS says: god

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