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Coyote County Loser (2009)

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Watch Coyote County Loser movie online free - In the lonely American Southwest, life is slow for the desert inhabitants of Coyote County. Although it reflects the diversity and pride of the Coyote County residents, local talk radio station K-RAP struggles financially, withering like a tumbleweed on its way to oblivion. Meanwhile, a rising radio personality from Los Angeles reluctantly drives through the hot desert toward Coyote County. His name is Jack Proctor. Upon visiting K-RAP, Jack meets the motley crew that works to keep the place running. These odd but charming individuals are a snapshot representation of the population living in this desert region. Jack meets Mr. Sanchez, the "maintenance engineer" and host of a "fix it" show; Raymond, the former-military accountant and host of an alien and paranormal phenomena talk show; Doyle, the sound engineer and host of a technology "geek" show; Mrs. Hopps...

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Genre: Comedy, Romance

Runtime: 1:32:00

Released: 2009-02-16



Profile Pic Patricia Brown says:
Loved the movie filmed in lincoln NM, would like to buy a copy of the movie, does anyone know :where"?
Profile Pic Kevin Nabity says:
Looks real good.

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