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A Year in My Life (2006)

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Watch A Year in My Life movie online free - In 1950s France, a young boy is taken in by a couple after spending a few months in the care of social service.

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Genre: Drama

Runtime: 00:00:00

Released: 2006-03-08



Profile Pic Glengormleygamer says:
I've got this on dvd and I swear it's way longer than this
Profile Pic Lorrie Bartlett says:
Nobody understands until they've had empathy for the soul behind the flesh. Our heart for others is what truly matters in this world.people should love us for who GOD MADE US TO BE. It is not what we own that makes us who we are. But rather who we are that makes us easy to love. For LOVE is what shapes our life time together. An...
Profile Pic Megat Afiq says:
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Profile Pic Judge me as a Cow says:
awwww this was the pre-slip era.
Profile Pic nelson guardado says:
reyna the worst goalkeper ever
Profile Pic nelson guardado says:
benitez the worst caoch ever
Profile Pic Steven Gerrard says:
shes a gold digger hoe
Profile Pic Fight the power says:
How do you spell ......wait for it.......keep waiting.....craig! haha. fucking idiot. Top bloke though
Profile Pic Fight the power says:
christ. neither parent say the name of their child . just the baby....
Profile Pic Martina Jecheva says:
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