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Full Clip (2004)

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Watch Full Clip movie online free - Lorsqu'il revient dans le quartier où il a grandi, Joshua Pope découvre une ville rongée par la violence et la corruption. Le quartier calme et paisible d'autrefois est maintenant à la merci d'une police corrompue et sans pitié. Un ancien ami de Joshua, Duncan, le rejoint accompagné de son gang afin de renverser la situation et remettre de l'ordre dans la petite ville d'Alabama. A deux, ils traquent et éliminent sans pitié les criminels…

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Genre: Action, Thriller

Runtime: 1:35:00

Released: 2004-01-01



Profile Pic Daemon Cloutier says:
This was the greatest movie ever I promise aside from all the lives taken but its just a movie!
Profile Pic Inca says:
wow a wall of water lets just stay in the bus!
Profile Pic LucasTheGreat says:
I felt so bad for the bus driver
Profile Pic Denis Daily #cheesedoodles says:
I made Roblox animation of the day after tomorrow check it out I have no content but I do have videos
Profile Pic Kineking says:
People who were scuba diving probably survived
Profile Pic Penguin Lover says:
For some reason we are watching this is Science because of renewable and nonrenewable resources
Profile Pic Chirperon says:
1:41 she only just now notices it xD
Profile Pic Nebby And The Bag says:
Every movie like this has cars in the middle of the road
Profile Pic Rodolfo Zamora says:
That. is. scary
Profile Pic Sasaa The Hooper says:
how come the water is not deep thats something good. but ten it get higher...

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