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My Beautiful Days (2002)

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Watch My Beautiful Days movie online free - Just finishing up his government service as a parking lot attendant, Jun-i, is unable to get a grip on anything he's doing. He spends his days directing traffic and having a desultory affair with a married woman; at night he works at a dry cleaners owned by an older man, hiding from problems of his own, who's also named Jun-I. He runs into an ex-girlfriend and her little sister; incidents accumulate, emotions build, and it all comes off like real life: there're no dramatic climaxes, nothing you can put your finger on and say "There! That's where it all changed." But there's no mistaking this movie for anything other than an urgent call to stop worrying about the water temperature and get in the pool. Sink or swim, it's your life and you better start living it. Impeccable acting, and the firm, sure hand of an auteur at the helm, My Beautiful Days is a quick sip of bitter medicine to cure the ironic distance that ails you. - Subway Cinema

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Genre: Drama, Romance

Runtime: 1:32:00

Released: 2002-03-16



Profile Pic sunshine chan says:
What does he look like originally though? Or does he not know because he changes appearance every day?
Profile Pic Keerthivasan Nambiraju says:
hmm september 11, At least something happy and funny is happening on the anniversary of one of the bloodiest days in American history.
Profile Pic Vloggetts says:
this film was so disappointing...the girl was so shiny and nothing really happens
Profile Pic Hani _ says:
'Gotta watch this coz it's Han Hyo Joo.
Profile Pic I speak fluent weirdness says:
Everyday brought me here
Profile Pic Marrielle Thompson says:
Yes yes a million times yes if Lee Doo Wook proposes to me haha a girl a can dream
Profile Pic She Dragon says:
WHAT!? Did they get every beautiful, amazing, Korean actor to be in this movie? AHHHHHH I want to see this so bad.
Profile Pic Win Seri says:
The lead female is so damn lucky Arghh..
Profile Pic mm mm says:
yet he stays asian the whole time lol
Profile Pic Teddy Payal says:
YOON SHI WOO ! @1:07

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