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A Little Help (2010)

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Watch A Little Help movie online free - It's a movie for everyone whose life has been thrown off-course, out of whack, or simply not turned out the way they planned it. In other words, it's a movie for everyone, period. Set in suburban Long Island in the summer of 2002, with the psychic wounds of 9/11 still fresh, A Little Help is a story that takes a comic, searching and profoundly empathetic look at a few pivotal months in the life of dental hygienist Laura Pehlke (Jenna Fischer)-an ordinary woman whose life suddenly flies off the rails-and her heroic efforts to re-establish a sense of security and normalcy for herself and her son.

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Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Runtime: 1:49:00

Released: 2010-07-22


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Profile Pic CheeseNippz says:
That 9/11 joke was just plane wrong
Profile Pic SquashOfJosh says:
I love her
Profile Pic Axphey007 says:
My personal movie, of all time.
Profile Pic Shortstack McGee says:
I can't see Jenna Fischer as anyone but Pam and it unnerves me.
Profile Pic Robert says:
what's up with the bootleg Jake Harper from 2 1/2 men
Profile Pic Robert says:
That 9/11 joke killed me
Profile Pic Minzo says:
"How was Pam?" oh
Profile Pic Albert Camus says:
It's a good chick flick. The men are jerks and the women scream at each other. Jenna Fischer resembles Amy Schumer.
Profile Pic Dwight Schrute says:
Identity theft is a crime. Millions of people suffer every year. What is Pam doing?  Jim will hear of this. That scumbag.
Profile Pic tommiethon says:
Is this worth watching for Rob Benedict? How much is he in it?

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