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The Veiled Man (1987)

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Watch The Veiled Man movie online free - Claire (Laure Marsac) is a 16-year-old young woman who discovers her father Pierre (Bernard Giraudeau) is not a healing physician but a killer with a bloody war record in the Lebanese conflict. She runs away from home and into the arms of Kamal (Michal Albertini). While Pierre stalks two terrorists, Claire and Kamal are violently confronted by Kamal's abandoned wife and family. The ravages of the conflict extend to those who are never participants in the battle but are among the casualties of war.

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Genre: Drama

Runtime: 00:00:00

Released: 1987-09-16



Profile Pic Dabest Pussy says:
what a stupid movie...they like to shoot trees first before shooting bears
Profile Pic Erica Denison says:
After all the trophy hunting of bears by killer humans, the grizzly is standing up for bears, yes it is pissed off.
Profile Pic Shintar Lin says:
I hope the end is like the bear defeat em all and they leave or get eaten and no one dares to go into that forest again!!
Profile Pic Kakashi Hatake says:
Go Ursa On them ! Bear : I came to the river to wash your Blood from Ma Claws !
Profile Pic Casl Trix says:
what is the music sounds in the bar episode? "i think it such a place my baby have a taste Into the grizzly maze" Does anyone know?
Profile Pic Marko Saric says:
ye kill the bear !
Profile Pic COLT Fin says:
I just came here because the movie resembles of an anime I used to watch :P Anyone else remembers Ginga Nagareboshi Gin? Or Silverfang? How about Hopeanuoli :D
Profile Pic mike_steve says:
It's so funny the main actor's name (the bear) remains unknown till the of the end of this the movie
Profile Pic RufescentEAGLE says:
The trailer was way scarier than the actual movie
Profile Pic Ferdi Demir Official says:
Trk yok mu hi burda

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