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The Devil's Sleep (1949)

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Watch The Devil's Sleep movie online free - Innocent youth trapped in a hopped-up hell.

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Genre: Drama

Runtime: 1:19:00

Released: 1949-05-18


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Profile Pic Chris Bowen says:
It's interesting historically, but aesthetically it really sucks. Has a propaganda type style and purpose with bad acting all around.
Profile Pic X RAY says:
They probably started out smoking that shit.
Profile Pic Lee Coffman says:
Profile Pic martino amello says:
Uhmm..drugs are bad..ehmmm..ok?
Profile Pic Jack Gordon says:
Bad as it is, it's more entertaining than 95% of the crap Hollyweird serves up today. It's watchable; today's stuff makes you barf once you know the plot
Profile Pic Mac intoSser says:
Crap script and atrocious "acting"... so bad they hurt. This piece of garbage is a waste of time.
Profile Pic Chris M says:
This is a masterpiece of cinema. Very underrated. Gripping performances all around.
Profile Pic paul douglas says:
Even John Mitchum couldn't pull this one off;his doctor impression was wooden like he was totally bored and reading it off a board. For a moment at about 10:15 in I thought we had Kurt Russell's dad but no just a doppelganger.
Profile Pic Leone Edwards says:
Oh doctor doctor give me the news!

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