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On a Moonlit Night (1989)

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Watch On a Moonlit Night movie online free - An American journalist works for a French newspaper. He is writing an article about the reaction against people with AIDS, without knowing he is infected too. Once he finds out, he decides to cut off himself leaving his wife and daughter.

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Runtime: 1:49:00

Released: 1989-09-05


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Profile Pic califinn says:
I was a ballplayer when I was younger, and a huge movie buff...watched this movie over and over again and while it has countless memorable scenes, Lancaster's effortless control of his craft always stood out. What a story this was, and they made it into a timeless classic. No doubt it converted plenty of folks to appreciate th...
Profile Pic djclay33 says:
Read this....
Profile Pic djclay33 says:
Profile Pic loutiscrive says:
best movie ever
Profile Pic Jimmy Beers says:
how are there 14 morons that thumbed this down? wtf is wrong with ppl?
Profile Pic Mike Weber says:
Moonlight Graham's wish is going to come true thanks to Ray Kinsella!
Profile Pic radconserv68 says:
I love when they pick him up hitchhiking. I wish they had that part.
Profile Pic mca1218 says:
"That's my wish, Ray Kinsella...That's my wish." I could listen to Burt Lancaster speak forever!!
Profile Pic alexggg49 says:
This was burt Lancaster,s last movie.What magnificent end to a great life and career.
Profile Pic MrPicklerwoof says:
Remember when mainstream Hollywood used to create intelligent, thought-provoking films like this for people of all ages to sit and watch together?

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