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Peter-No-Tail in Americat (1985)

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Watch Peter-No-Tail in Americat movie online free - Peter-No-Tail (Pelle Svanslös) is a cat who was born without a tail. He compensates this by studying hard and, much to the dismay of his arch-rival Magnus (Måns), he receives a fancy university degree very few cats in the university town Uppsala, Sweden have obtained. Peter is visited by his American relative Pelle Swanson who invites him to visit his new home country America - in the movie called Americat. There everything is bigger and everything seems possible.

Peter-No-Tail in Americat Poster

Genre: Animation, Family

Runtime: 1:18:00

Released: 1985-12-14


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Profile Pic Elizabeth Johnson says:
ha!!! this is awesome!! I just randomly remembered this movie while napping on the couch just now. haven't seen it since I was really, really little. maybe 4 or 5.
Profile Pic Andrew Todaro says:
I love the cute opening song in this!
Profile Pic Esmeralda2diamon says:
To see this in English makes me proud to be Swedish :)
Profile Pic lilcoffeebandit says:
this is not a british dub...the voices are american!
Profile Pic lilcoffeebandit says:
haha i agree this dub is not at all great...I just uploaded it for whomever might be interested. You might want to check out the British dub of the original film though. I think it's pretty decent, and a lot of the voices are close to the originals, especially Mike's. :)
Profile Pic MartenFerret says:
@4:59, I stopped the video to be sure the uploader wasn't doing the voices himself. XD So, Silknose is now Creamnose, Mean Mike is now Max... Why was this redubbed? Isn't like they could have improved upon this film very much!
Profile Pic Samantha Fox says:
I was about 7 years old when I first watched Peter No Tail...I've been looking for it ever since..
Profile Pic lilcoffeebandit says:
@superOdi123 far as i know nobody has posted it yet! would be nice, as this is not my favourite dub.
Profile Pic superOdi123 says:
anybody ever upload or find the other english dub of this version?
Profile Pic Caramelle22 says:
I have watched this movie when I was like 5-6 and I found it 22 years later! omg!! this is a dream come true!

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