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Madonnas (2007)

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Watch Madonnas movie online free - A portrait of Rita, who claims that her mother was never a mother for her. Rita gives birth to her own five children and forces her mother to take the role of a mother.

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Genre: Drama

Runtime: 2:05:00

Released: 2007-02-11


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Profile Pic Selina says:
So y'all just gonna feel sorry for nazis now huh
Profile Pic Jose Luis says:
Profile Pic fiona goode says:
madonna always wanted to live in this era
Profile Pic Ursula Powers says:
I need to watch this. I wonder if it covered the connections she had with Hitler? And Edward's connection to the Nazis as was discovered in the The Windsor Files found in Marburg.
Profile Pic DWAINE'S WORLD 101 - iMayROBLOX says:
This film was absolutely beautiful! I loved it! I loved Abbie Cornish's character the most
Profile Pic ZAID Takieddine says:
How can we buy the movie
Profile Pic a55 hole says:
only got here cuz im bored and type "we" in google
Profile Pic Jose Francisco Medeiros says:
I enjoyed watching the movie, but the transitions from past to present were some what confusing in some scenes.
Profile Pic Monique Amado Life Coach & Artist says:
Beautiful film, superbly acted.
Profile Pic sickofamericanidol says:
I didn't know she made a movie. She's a writer now? But that's the thing. Madonna's got to sell you on the idea that you want to be Madonna. Her "art" is making you want to be Madonna or to be intrigued by Madonna enough to watch her videos. But if you wanted to hear a singer sing well, or be moved by a singer (which requires mo...

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