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Lancelot of the Lake (1974)

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Watch Lancelot of the Lake movie online free - Having failed in their quest for the Holy Grail, the knights of the Round Table return to Camelot, their number reduced to a mere handful. Seeing a rift developing between Lancelot and Mordred, Arthur urges his knights to bury their differences and become friends. However, the king is unaware that Lancelot is having an affair with his queen, Guinevere. Lancelot is torn between his duty to his king and his love for the queen, whilst Mordred is determined to use his infidelity to destroy him.

Lancelot of the Lake Poster

Genre: Drama, Romance, War

Runtime: 1:25:00

Released: 1974-09-26


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Profile Pic MisterCharlton says:
I like the aesthetics of this film and how the symbolism is depicted through the imagery and cinematography. For instance, the Round Table is never shown in its entirety, representing the notion that the Round Table has fallen apart. Also, in the end, when Lancelot is being nursed back to health, the clothing and decor of the ro...
Profile Pic wiedep says:
Stupide kin-nig-gets Anglais ! Vous n'avez pas nous effrayer avec vos ridicules-genoux plis tournant autour de la promotion comportement!
Profile Pic Deipatrous says:
Clunky, hein?
Profile Pic HawkFest says:
C'est de la merde. Les anglos disent que c'est un gnie et veulent qu'on le considre ainsi, sous prtexte qu'il est un franais se faisant larbin de leur culture. Soyons ralistes, l'ethnocentrisme est gnralement de mauvais got (tout comme le veau sauce pudding la menthe).
Profile Pic HeHa Ho says:
does anyone know where i can stream/download this online???
Profile Pic Aleks S. says:
@goback3spaces Bresson is a master. But i don't want to compare him with Tarkovsky. (two Gods ;) i agree that Solaris isn't one of his best movies. Tarkovsky himself said that he didn't like his interpretation after all. Mirror is priceless though- you should see if you still haven't done it. Try also 'The Sacrifice'- you won't...
Profile Pic anonUK says:
Fetchez la vache! watch?v=9V7zbWNznbs
Profile Pic goback3spaces says:
I regret to say that Tarkovsky isn't one of my favorites, Evelyn. I thought STALKER was one of the dullest movies ever made and some of the others, like SOLARIS and NOSTALGHIA, arty and affected. ANDREI RUBLEV was pretty good, particularly the bell-casting scene, but I'm afraid I'm not that big a fan of Tarkovsky.
Profile Pic evelyneverettgreen says:
Yes, Tarkovsky. It's wonderful.
Profile Pic goback3spaces says:
MIRROR is by Tarkovsky, isn't it? Not Bresson. Haven't seen it.

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