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Zero Hour! (1957)

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Watch Zero Hour! movie online free - A routine flight turns into a major emergency as passengers and crew succumb to food poisoning - is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane? If that sounds vaguely familiar, it's because 'Airplane' was a send-up of this forerunner of the 1970s disaster movie. Written by Michael Brooke

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Genre: Drama, Thriller

Runtime: 1:21:00

Released: 1957-11-13


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Profile Pic Paul Scollon says:
They bought the rights for $2500 just before releasing Airplane!
Profile Pic Kamdan says:
0:52 Youre screwed when the pilot doesnt know his headphones work.
Profile Pic eromitlabhitw says:
What mountains? We're over Iowa! The... the cornfields, Ted! The cornfields!
Profile Pic DylanPlaysRoblox says:
This is an entirely different kind of film, altogether!
Profile Pic DylanPlaysRoblox says:
Surely, this is not on Netflix. :(
Profile Pic D'Ascoyne says:
Have you ever seen a grown man naked?
Profile Pic cmsahe says:
This movie reminds me of something... another movie...
Profile Pic Chloee Zycinski says:
Lloyd Bridges' "Looks like i picked the wrong week to quit smoking" line is in this original! XD XD
Profile Pic TheMellowPumpkin says:
1:04 Melon smash.
Profile Pic sexobscura says: girl dying of some disease with guitar slinging nun ... no jive tawkin bruthas ...this is

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