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Confessions (2010)

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Watch Confessions movie online free - A psychological thriller of a grieving mother turned cold-blooded avenger with a twisty master plan to pay back those who were responsible for her daughter's death.

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Genre: Drama, Thriller, Mystery

Runtime: 1:46:00

Released: 2010-06-04


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Profile Pic kanon lim says:
One of the best or possibly the best movie I've ever watched
Profile Pic mo pixies says:
this was such a boring, predictable and shallow movie wtf i thought it was going to be good based on the comments people kept saying it was better than old boy now i remember why i don't watch anime anymore i'm too old to watch teenagers feel like the world is against or revolve around them all the time i don't relate to it anym...
Profile Pic Henry Kashyap says:
it is boring movie.,.,. with *EVIL SMIRK * Just messing with you !!
Profile Pic Puga Puff says:
I love this movie, the acting is really great and every scene gave me goosebumps. If there are other movies like this one, pls tell me :3
Profile Pic Marusca Bondini says:
Por favor un link, para verla. Gracias
Profile Pic terrortane says:
great movie!
Profile Pic A Taimoor says:
I wish nobody see this movie. Its sooo beautiful and they will just forget it like any other movie within a month...
Profile Pic Siva Chandran says:
excellent movie from japan... the first japan movie that i watched..... great work ..! suggest some japan movies similar to this
Profile Pic Marcio Roberto says:
One of the best movies I ever seen in my life! I watched it twice, already.
Profile Pic evanss949 says:
Best film ever

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