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Hotel California (2008)

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Watch Hotel California movie online free - When TROY turned on crime boss DMITRI DEBARTOLLA he was forced to leave Los Angeles and lay low in Miami. After two years, and the loss of his leg in a shootout with a Cuban crime syndicate, Troy returns to LA to reclaim what is rightfully his. A reunion with his former partners in a rundown hotel sets the stage for an explosive encounter where past and present collide.

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Genre: Action, Thriller

Runtime: 00:00:00

Released: 2008-07-25


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Profile Pic chibangin007 says:
seriously one of my all time favorite movies. petenice212 is a fucking idiot.
Profile Pic sheriff guennoun says:
Profile Pic chibangin007 says:
the movie was awesome!
Profile Pic Vivina Govari says:
simon rex <3
Profile Pic K.J. Comstock says:
Cinematography is gorgeous. Thumbs up to your DP.
Profile Pic TheAllchemist says:
I thought that they were going to adapt the movie after the song. Since the song tells its own story. This movie just looks like another piece of mainstream "Gangsta" garbage.
Profile Pic Gilbert Gonzalez says:
this looks good! is it a indie film?
Profile Pic sillychops says:
lol dirt nasty
Profile Pic 123hahaurdead says:
Is This coming out In Ireland This looks like a deadly film
Profile Pic klrvette9 says:
i want the song or songs from the trailer

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