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The Lamb of God (1992)

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Watch The Lamb of God movie online free - Portrays the dramatic events of the last hours of Jesus' life and his resurrection.

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Genre: Family, Drama, History

Runtime: 00:27:00

Released: 1992-04-05


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Profile Pic Shamar Mosheh Yasharahla says:
where is crown of thorns he sapose to have thorne like crown on his head bad deception
Profile Pic Daxan Films says:
2 nails in each hand and wrists maybe was like that
Profile Pic Virginia Bryson says:
Well, let's see now. Christ was persecuted and ignored and made fun of and scoffed at and scorned for telling the Truth. Many of the comments here and throughout my life aimed at the LDS Church make fun of, persecute, ignore, scoff at, scorn, and sometimes even rudely demean the Church. Do I see a pattern here? Keep in mind,...
Profile Pic Ashley Powell says:
Praise god
Profile Pic jtomally9681 says:
It may be. However, it represents from the scriptures of the Word of God from the Holy Bible and not from the LDS false doctrines.
Profile Pic WilHiteWarrior says:
"Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but He is risen" :')

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