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The Sea Wall (2008)

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Watch The Sea Wall movie online free - The film centers around a young French widow and her two adolescent children attempt to carve out a meager life for themselves by farming rice fields alongside the ocean in French Indo-China in the 1930's. Their efforts are hampered each year by the presence of the sea, which invariably floods the fields with saltwater and wipes out the crops. In desperation, the mother realizes that their only hope lies in the construction of a sea wall to prevent continued flooding, but the mother must cut a swath through the local bureaucracy in an almost Sisyphean attempt to make this happen. Meanwhile, her obstinate daughter, Suzanne, draws the romantic obsessions of a well-to-do Chinese gentleman, Monsieur Jo; though he could easily provide a way out, the possibility of a romantic relationship between Jo and Suzanne could just as easily fall prey to local racial prejudices that would damage or ruin the lives of both.

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Genre: Drama

Runtime: 1:55:00

Released: 2008-01-01



Profile Pic Andrea Parenti says:
UK what?
Profile Pic helmsdeep84 says:
haha...well they have flood resistant rice nowadays..
Profile Pic Typical Toby says:
i only watched this because of Astrid Berges Frisbey <3 !!!!! shes fukin hot!
Profile Pic Leeloo Dallas says:
gaspard ulliel so hot...
Profile Pic legomen330 says:
I want to watch this moive !!!!! for 1 resaon astrid berges-frisbey
Profile Pic Sammy Burnett says:
@Obanity so bomb
Profile Pic CampinCarl80 says:
like if the only reason u watched this was for Astrid Berges-Frisbey lol :D
Profile Pic Joshua Long says:
agreed, astrid berges is hot as FUUUUCK astrid berges + emma watson = i'm not sure what but i want to find out
Profile Pic Anneka Majhi says:
Il semble un tres bon film, j'aime le cambodge, j'y etais la, c'est un pays tres beau
Profile Pic ausendundeinenacht says:
She is still em^ployed as an actress DESPITE her age and the fact that visible age in a WOMAN is the Ultimate death Trauma BRAVO Isabelle You remind me of bette Davis

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