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South Pacific (2001)

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Watch South Pacific movie online free - During World War II in the South Pacific love is found between a young nurse, Nellie Forbush (Glenn Close) and an older French plantation owner, Emile de Becque (Rade Serbedzija). The war is tearing them apart.

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Genre: Drama, Music, Romance

Runtime: 2:09:00

Released: 2001-03-26



Profile Pic darren motise says:
It's like a high school student staged, directed and filmed this. And the sung diction is horrific. no difference between "send" and "sent." In fact you can't even hear a d or a t.
Profile Pic darren motise says:
So awful. Why did they make this?
Profile Pic Jared Goerke says:
I love Glenn Close, she played an amazing Norma Desmond but I don't think this was the role to cast her in.
Profile Pic Sean P says:
Wow Did not realize what an AMAZING Voice Glenn Close Has! NICE JOB!
Profile Pic Mrreciprocat says:
You'd really have to have worked your way through every native woman on those islands in order to find Glenn Close an attractive option.
Profile Pic econoni says:
thank you
Profile Pic Tim Harris says:
as the dead monkey
Profile Pic Tim Harris says:
not even close
Profile Pic vandy pitcher says:
ahhhh, no disrespect but........i'll take MITZI !!.......ever see her waist when she made S P ?? like 17 inches...but great ass and legs....amazing
Profile Pic The Gordojo says:
54 or 24, who cares? Glenn Close is an amazing actress, and she could play any role, and I believe she did a phenomenal performance in South Pacific.

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