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Cassidy of Bar 20 (1938)

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Watch Cassidy of Bar 20 movie online free - Hopalong Cassidy, boss of the Bar 20 ranch in Texas, rides down the Camino Real in the New Mexico cattle country near Alamogordo, in response to an urgent message from his lifelong sweetheart, Nora Blake, who is in serious trouble. Before he and his saddlemates, "Lucky" Jenkins and "Pappy", can reach her ranch, they are stopped by Clay Allison, a cattle-rustler who is in almost complete control of the district, and wants to extend his holdings by seizing Nora's cattle and driving her out. Seeing Cassidy as a menace to his plans, he has him arrested on a trumped-up charge. Cassidy and his pals shoot their way out of the trouble and reach Nora;s ranch where they learn that Allison's henchmen have murdered her foreman, Tom Dillon, and Allison has sent for a crew of outlaws on the Texas border.

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Genre: Romance, Western

Runtime: 00:56:00

Released: 1938-02-25


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Profile Pic Fred Flintstone says:
Brings me back in time. When the good guys wore white hats :) Nice movie. Thanks for this one and many others Nevada Jane.
Profile Pic Alan Peterson says:
!01:35 Hopalong's pistol is empty, so instead of reloading it or putting in his holster, like any normal person would have done, he throws it away! What kind of idiots did they have directing these things?
Profile Pic cpoorbaugh says:
WOW!! Hoppy put the smack down on Walter Long. Neither Laurel & Hardy, or the Little Rascals or the Three Stooges couldn't put 'ol Walter down!!!
Profile Pic Rick says:
Nothi9ng better on a cold March day than watching Hoppy & the Bar 20 gang (of course, it helps if you have a beer close by)!!
Profile Pic Michael Barnett says:
Great western Love Hoppy and Gabby
Profile Pic Bob B says:
good scene near the end when hoppy is chasing the villain. hoppy runs out of ammo shooting and chucks his weapon, meanwhile the villain seems to get off a total of 9 rounds that were countable. the 9th being the one when hoppy jumps him. these movies are awesome and i love all of the boyd westerns. they should at least give the ...

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