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National Lampoon's Last Resort (1994)

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Watch National Lampoon's Last Resort movie online free - Sam and Dave are living the boring life until they are beckoned to Sam's uncle's Island. When they get there (still not quite sure how that worked) they are compelled by beautiful women and a dastardly enemy of the Island. After accidentally convincing Sam's uncle to sign away rights to his island, they must somehow fix the problem.

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Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 1:30:00

Released: 1994-04-29



Profile Pic Christopher Fritz says:
Supposedly Cory Haim was broke by the time he died. I wonder how much he was paid for these types of movies?
o melhor ator deste filme corey haim
Profile Pic dinger_ haim says:
Does anybody know where i can watch this
Profile Pic ThIs PeRsOn says:
The fact that this video is 2:22 makes me happy :)
Profile Pic Tip O'Ne says:
Woooooow.......This... looks.... great
Profile Pic george rr martin says:
This was one of the best movies i had as a 7 year old, must have watched it 20 times, but then again i only had like 5 other movies.
Profile Pic MP R says:
WTF? The Nazi's really come out of nowhere. And the shots of 'Auschwitz Corey'. WTF were they thinking?
Profile Pic Cade Buchanan says:
I got through 20 mins of this film back in the day then turned it off, and I was a major fan of the two Coreys :-(
Profile Pic Ritchie Winters says:
this movie is Alladeen
Profile Pic Mattblaze1477 says:
This piece of shit was the final nail in the coffin for the 2 corey's movie careers.

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