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Dracula Untold (2014)

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Watch Dracula Untold movie online free - Vlad Tepes is a great hero, but when he learns the Sultan is preparing for battle and needs to form an army of 1,000 boys, including Vlad's son, he vows to find a way to protect his family. Vlad turns to dark forces in order to get the power to destroy his enemies and agrees to go from hero to monster as he's turned into the mythological vampire Dracula.

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Genre: Horror, Action, Drama, Fantasy, War

Runtime: 1:32:00

Released: 2014-10-01


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Profile Pic Tarik El says:
The history of the film is not truth the dracula wos a bad men he killed a 1000...of innocent people the prisonners  and he wos  a christien  hollywood always show islam and  muslim that terrorist and they have hard hearts but the real terrorist are usa and isreal government  hollywood its theintelligent   of usa to make h...
Profile Pic Ben Quinney says:
Fight evil with evil
Profile Pic Lenny P says:
LOL. Of course the serial killer Vlad who impaled hundreds of people alive is depicted as a hero and Mehmed the conqueror as the villain. This is a movie where there's room for twisting things to entertain but I doubt the West would make a movie about Mehmed the conqueror which depicts him as the main hero it just demonstrates t...
Profile Pic joana jo says:
It says that you still can feel the presence of Vlad at the Castle Bran, in Transylvania. Come to Romania and meet Dracula.
Profile Pic Yusuf Leyliolu says:
this is a lie .HAHAHHA .YOU CAN lier movie.Ottoman kil the dracula :D We aren't barbarian .You are barbarian.You know this.
Profile Pic Ahmet Rt Gm says:
inglij fata fok
Profile Pic Ahmet Rt Gm says:
Trkiye ok yaa
Profile Pic jade ordior says:
Loved the music!!
Profile Pic Ina Popescu says:
Our Vlad was a hero. Our Vlad was a strong man who keep away the monsters. Our Vald was a strategist who hold against Otoman Empire and show that Romania was an obstacle in expansion of mussulmans. Love you Vlad Dracul!
Profile Pic LordiN GamE says:
full of lies film

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