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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2003)

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Watch Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde movie online free - Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde is Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of horror, the duality of mankind and the darker side of late Victorian society. Dr Henry Jekyll (John Hannah), a great scientist, handsome, and renowned throughout the scientific community, is developing a formula that will revolutionise human nature by isolating criminal elements. He experiments on himself and intoxicated by the drug he undergoes a monstrous transformation. He is released from conventions of the social order and his own moral code into euphoric, remorseless wickedness - the villainous Mr Hyde. What follows is the gripping and terrifying stuggle of two opposing personalities battling for the soul of one man...

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Poster

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 1:36:00

Released: 2003-08-27



Profile Pic honey jeppie says:
where the original dr. jekyll and mr. hyde movie??
Profile Pic MeHdi Gaming says:
i si gui sing
Profile Pic ThymeBottle says:
A well-crafted adaptation. The sets were brilliantly realized; the exterior ones gave the impression of Old London at midnight, and the laboratory with its antiquated equipment seemed real. Hats off to the art, set, makeup, and costuming departments. The dialog and British dialects were well done. Mr. Redfield is mesmerizing...
Profile Pic MrPoolove says:
Elena Torrez is absolutely beautiful
Profile Pic CraftedGuardian says:
The scariest thing was the music in the end
Profile Pic Jacob F says:
This looks terrible whats the 1 were their on the boat
Profile Pic hamdiya sufi says:
1:11 Eva Longoria look alike??
Profile Pic shade112211 says:
shit the serie Jekyll 100x better
Profile Pic Kathy_sh says:
Well, not really. Mark Redfield's acting was fine, the plot had some original traits. But the rest of the actors, acted in a way that was unbareable to watch, such a pity.
Profile Pic Kathy_sh says:
I bought the DVD on Amazon yesterday and I can't wait to see it!! I'm sure it will not disappoint me ;)

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