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Slayer: Live Intrusion (1995)

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Watch Slayer: Live Intrusion movie online free - Live Intrusion captures Slayer at their heaviest on their Divine Intervention tour in 1995. Live Intrusion features the band doing what they do best thrashing out heavy metal at an absurdly fast pace while their adamant and passionate fans bang their heads. The glory of a live Slayer performance is all here; audience mayhem, head-banging, drums pounding and guitars wailing at extreme volumes.

Slayer: Live Intrusion Poster

Genre: Music

Runtime: 1:10:00

Released: 1995-10-31



Profile Pic royce gee says:
They should rename that video Kerry King's Live intrusion. Jeff Hanneman is non-existent on the video. I can tell who helped edit that. Not good.
Profile Pic The Dude says:
There's nothing on planet earth that's more amazing than being at a Slayer show right up front in the melee'!!! I'm almost 50 and still love 'em. I love picking up my grandkids and cranking Slayer for them! They love em too!!!
Profile Pic SouthHemiTV 3 says:
100 times > still reigning
Profile Pic metaldude says:
I remember when I had this on a VHS cassette back in 1995 or something :=)
Profile Pic V10 LG says:
best video
Profile Pic Jeffrey Swiderski says:
Slayer Fans #1
Profile Pic Tom Wayne says:
now your standing in my killing field!!!!!
Profile Pic Dj Unknown says:
they're tightest sounding
Profile Pic Erik Shenkle says:
back when Slayer was ...Slayer
Profile Pic pourindiesel says:
Thank you Jeff for the great music!

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