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Imprint (2007)

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Watch Imprint movie online free - Shayla Stonefeather, a Native American attorney prosecuting a Lakota teen in a controversial murder trial, returns to the reservation to say goodbye to her dying father. After the teen is killed, she hears ghostly voices and sees strange visions that cause her to re-examine beliefs she thought she left behind.

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Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Runtime: 1:24:00

Released: 2007-07-01


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Profile Pic Shannon Saylor says:
Great movie
Profile Pic Sam Persia says:
im agreed with sara
Profile Pic Sarah Mj Kirst says:
Profile Pic Sally Long says:
I just saw this movie. It was really good. good suspense. am surprised this film didn't get big Hollywood promo. Also, that Actress (Shayla Native lawyer) came out on that mini-series movies on TNT channel "Into the West" I remember her. she was awesome on that movie too. to bad she isn't jewish or else she'll be making really ...
Profile Pic cmaryk12296 says:
Saw this on Netflix, it was pretty good,plot slightly loose, but very SUSPENSEFUL, beautiful cinematography, and an ending you'd never see coming...
Profile Pic Laura says:
-.- your an idiot aga I want to see this movie lolz
Profile Pic Feliciano Russell says:
i saw this movie on netflix it is sooooooooooooooooooooo good
Profile Pic Don Stubbs says:
Very good movie. Had me sitting on the edge of my seat.
Profile Pic NizVania says:
@djchiefrocca Go to a Filmacedemy near you and show it to an director there
Profile Pic Tristan Thunderbolt says:
I got this dvd....brought me right back home to the rez.

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