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Flying Dagger (1993)

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Watch Flying Dagger movie online free - The well-known "Flying Dagger" Chung and his nephew Lam lived on rewards from apprehending bandits. Chung refused the love of "Great Coquette" Lady Fung. Therefore, Fung always mess up Chung's business for revenge. Flying Fox, the country's number one bandit, had stolen the millionaire Tsao's evidence of being a traitor. Hence, Tsao employed Chung to catch the bandit. Flying Fox's wife, Flying Cat seduced Chung to save her husband, which caused jealousy and a severe fight with Fung. Meanwhile Lam was kidnapped by Tsao. Chung and Fung finally realized that Tsao was the head of East Wing. They united together to beat against Tsao...

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Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Foreign

Runtime: 1:26:00

Released: 1993-01-01



Profile Pic Berenice Freitas says:
filme maravilhoso. cenas impressionantes
Profile Pic Lailani Agustin says:
good movie i enjoy watching..
Profile Pic Nora Bofill says:
Why English subtitles here fond of eating "shit", was the translator pregnant woman?  Most read was this "bad expression".  Instead making film enjoy 2 watch, gets boring though some actions has bit of comedy side.  Most Chinese drama though most tense wrong, yet absence of "eating shits".  Please don't copy western lifestyl...
Profile Pic Hallands Menved says:
Profile Pic Mark Francisco says:
very,nice movie,,,I like it,,
Profile Pic The Contractor says:
Great movie. Even the hokey subs worked well. Crazy fun movie and thanks for putting it up.
Profile Pic Turan Serce says:
awesome fantastic movie from Wilson tong
Profile Pic Robert Presti SR says:
Not a good movie. rate it a 4. no more.
Profile Pic Matsie Smith says:
One of the funniest movies ever!!!  Love it.    Even the bad subtitles!
Profile Pic d n says:
i might recommend kung fu hustle. also a great one =) ciao all

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