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Far Away (2001)

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Watch Far Away movie online free - Serge is a long distance lorry driver between Morocco andEurope. In Tangier, he tries to reconcile with his former girlfriend, Sarah. She has refused to have anything to do with him since her mother’s death and intends to join her brother in Canada. Serge appeals to Sarah’s protector, a young Arab named Saïd, to allow him to meet up with Sarah, promising in return to smuggle Saïd into Europe...

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Genre: Drama, Romance

Runtime: 2:00:00

Released: 2001-08-29



Profile Pic Android says:
It's just amazing Tom Cruise looks the same as now.. Damm we are talking about 25 years difference................
Profile Pic Azet Kasanova says:
i really love this movie
Profile Pic Alex Tan says:
I should mention that Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk was also the widest 70mm release in 25 years since this film.
Profile Pic Michael Helmkamp says:
1:22 - 1:24 reminds me of Wonder Woman if you know what Im talking about.
Profile Pic hoone says:
He looks so handsome and hot
Profile Pic Martina M says:
I loved this film <3 One of my favourites. They were both so young and cute, too.
Profile Pic Aya Ibrahim says:
Profile Pic I LOVE YOU says:
Do I need to actually see the film now? Wait I think I've already seen the land grab at the end.
Profile Pic dean smith says:
Profile Pic rustinonthevine says:
One of my all time favorites, screw the critics

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