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Henry Fool (1997)

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Watch Henry Fool movie online free - An egocentric bum transforms the lives of a shy New Jersey garbageman and his sister.

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Genre: Comedy, Drama

Runtime: 2:17:00

Released: 1997-09-07


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Profile Pic Federico O Neill says:
Profile Pic Jayden Barries says:
"It is, in the end, whatever the hell I want it to be. And when I'm through with it it's going to blow a hole this wide straight through the world's own idea of itself. They're throwing bottles at your house. Come on. Let's go break their arms." DANANADANADANADANADANA DDDDANA DDDDDANA DANANADANADANADANADANA Dddanna Dddanna YOU...
Profile Pic pvtrichter88 says:
definitley one  of  my  favourite  movies  the  trailer  can  throw  you  off  but  there's  definitely  a  unique  feel  to  the movie  in  the  spirit  of  independent   features and  what  HAL  HARTLEY has  come  to  carve out  as  his  own  style  but  it is  is very   inspiring in  i...
Profile Pic Bill Bo Haggins says:
I know. I am sorry, I'll watch this movie three times in a row as redemption. :P
Profile Pic Adrian Horn says:
Yes, who could forget the doughnut people! /watch?v=U39sZgwSr_s
Profile Pic swiing4thefences says:
cmon let's go break their arms
Profile Pic Jesus Jones says:
Profile Pic Amasloth says:
I've only seen Fay Grim which I loved..I should watch this one... lol
Profile Pic yellow357 says:
what is the name of the song between 0:00 - 0:39 ???
Profile Pic ariel says:
Thumbs up if you only looked this up because of the song reception fades

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