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Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and the Revolt of Islam (2007)

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Watch Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and the Revolt of Islam movie online free - Tracing the historical journey of Islam from its birth in A.D. 624 to its role in contemporary society, this comprehensive program sheds light on the struggles of adherents to the religion and its political implications in the modern world. Topics include the long-standing conflicts between Muslims and Jews, as well as how Bush's reaction to the World Trade Center attacks in 2001 inflamed tensions between Muslims and the West.

Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and the Revolt of Islam Poster

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 2:25:00

Released: 2007-11-20



Profile Pic Nischala Evangeline says:
very good information . Thank you for your work
Profile Pic Stack Throw says:
THE CONFRONTATION STARTED WHEN ABRAHAM HAD A CHILD WITH his MAID AND GOD TOLD Abraham TO SEND THE CHILD AND HIS MOTHER AWAY FROM THEM OUT INTO THE WILDERNESS because he was born out of wedlock ...God told Abraham they would be ok .THE TRUE LINEAGE OF ABRAHAM IS ISAAC JACOB  AND ISRAEL .////////anyway that is what started the co...
Profile Pic Stack Throw says:
Jesus Christ is the only way to enter into the kingdom of God !
Profile Pic John Kinder says:
Some Islamic passages of 'love and peace.' Quran Surah 2: The Cow Don't bother to warn the disbelievers. Allah has blinded them. Theirs will be an awful doom. 6 Allah has sickened their hearts. A painful doom is theirs because they lie. 10 A fire has been prepared for the disbelievers, whose fuel is men and stones. 24 Disbelieve...
Profile Pic The frog says:
People are leaving islam in droves in Iran the population is mostly under 35 yrs of age &they will not be told by a revolutionary guard on how to live there life or most importantly to die for them
Profile Pic Dcore B says:
the person who directed this docu is a jewish convert to Christian. And to think they believe that Israel will die is hardly a pro zoinist.
Profile Pic Dcore B says:
this video is far fetched like the movie children of men. however it is and should be a wake up call to the west.
Profile Pic Daniel Mandrake says:
The war is not coming. most people in Iran &Israel &Palestine want peace... &deserve peace... The only thing that brings war is scaremongering & conflict propaganda films like this! I bet you have never even lived and traveled around Iran!.. nor Israel.. you skim the 5% of politics that suites ur agenda while ignoring the need...
Profile Pic mariabaoquon says:
Islamaniacs are nothing but a bunch of delusional imbeciles, they are not even capable to defeat Israel, they are mentally deficient parasites that degenerates this world.
Profile Pic Lugh DeSidhe says:

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