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Girl in 3D (2004)

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Watch Girl in 3D movie online free - Vicky, an ambitious young bomshell living in Hollywood, gets hired to be the "Toy" of her favorite rock star, Stu, who is in desperate need of inspiration. Starry-eyed and reckless, she enters a world of fantasy fueled by addiction and an abusive thirst for fame.

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Runtime: 1:33:00

Released: 2004-01-01



Profile Pic beata paskiewicz says:
where i fing soundtrack to film girl in 3 d ?
Profile Pic Ciaran Byrne says:
Bevin Tucker is the woman in this film. Hail Enki, Enlil (his half brother) Astaroth and Azazel (Enlil's Grandchildren and daughter and son of Nina and Nigi).
Profile Pic ralezvezdas says:
Bevin Tucker is so Hot!! :* :)
Profile Pic arkataka1987 says:
1hour of ma life losing ..
Profile Pic ORKO DUDLEY says:
I Love This Movie
Profile Pic missastro says:
so is it just not coming out ever? i feel like i've had this trailer sitting on my computer for years. the site is basically dead, and there's no news about it. guess they couldn't find a distributor?
Profile Pic Jamie Saberi says:
I must see this movie!

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