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Tenchi Muyô! In Love (1996)

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Watch Tenchi Muyô! In Love movie online free - The demonic space criminal Kain has escaped from prison and destroyed the Galaxy Police headquarters. To ensure that the Jurai will not stop him, Kain travels back to 1970 to eliminate Tenchi's mother before he is even born. Now, Tenchi and the gang must travel to the past to stop him before he ceases to exist.

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Genre: Animation, Comedy

Runtime: 1:35:00

Released: 1996-04-20



Profile Pic Eggs is eggs says:
It's kind of a ripoff of Back to the Future, but still a great movie.
Profile Pic HotaruZoku says:
That ENDING song
Profile Pic kefka roth says:
loved sherry lynn's kiyone
Profile Pic WOLF LOIN SONG song says:
Why dose it say KKK this is racist
Profile Pic Dan S M says:
Hidden gem between old and new school I like that it feels like a movie very cool, a lot of anime movies feel like long ovas or episodes
Profile Pic Josh Gellis says:
Many of us like anime because of reasons we're not readily able to admit- because it can serve as a smoothening, soothing allegory (analogical story) for how we feel about people we love, but we either hate them or feel so sickly sorry for them because of what they went through- I'll put this out there into into the web right no...
Profile Pic Johnathan Rice says:
Ryoko Hakubi I will kicked some Ayeka Masaki Jurai butt 19:35 boys grab some violent weapons
Profile Pic Jonathan Akerele says:
I never could pin down the cultural origins of Ayeka's accent! I want to say European! LOL!
Profile Pic turtlewings says:
I love this!!!
Profile Pic Justin B says:
Time is shirt but nobiuki and I will live our lives to the fullest. I swear it.

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