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Tenchi Muyô! In Love (1996)

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Watch Tenchi Muyô! In Love movie online free - The demonic space criminal Kain has escaped from prison and destroyed the Galaxy Police headquarters. To ensure that the Jurai will not stop him, Kain travels back to 1970 to eliminate Tenchi's mother before he is even born. Now, Tenchi and the gang must travel to the past to stop him before he ceases to exist.

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Genre: Animation, Comedy

Runtime: 1:35:00

Released: 1996-04-20



Profile Pic Setsu X. Kuro'neko says:
Wtf is this garbage ? What take them to long ?? And why tenchi's so desperately and so annoying ?? Isn't he suppose to be Omnipotent and omniscient ?? Wtf is he doing ?? This is getting irrigated ?? Ya all noob bitches who said this faggot is an a Omnipotent and omniscient is totally a fucking noob !
Profile Pic Steven Yanis says:
Profile Pic WootAnimefan says:
1:17:48 Wind Tunnel!!!
Profile Pic Sourav Acharya says:
so heart touching
Profile Pic Triatomicshadow45 says:
daaaammm its that old? Let me stop watching this than phew
Profile Pic Triven Kumar says:
2:20 power rangers S.P.D Commander is there
Profile Pic Forrest Stinebower says:
Sound is way off
Profile Pic Eggs is eggs says:
It's kind of a ripoff of Back to the Future, but still a great movie.
Profile Pic HotaruZoku says:
That ENDING song
Profile Pic kefka roth says:
loved sherry lynn's kiyone

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