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Life of Crime (2013)

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Watch Life of Crime movie online free - A female cop becomes obsessed with tracking down the killer of a 15-year-old girl, and hunts him over the course of her 28 year career in the force.

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Genre: Crime, Drama

Runtime: 3:00:00

Released: 2013-05-10



Profile Pic luke medalen says:
this is a discount version of ruthless people
Profile Pic Roberto Green says:
Hollywood has no originality anymore. This is nothing more than a remake of Ruthless People with Bette Midler and Danny DeVito. Hollywood is becoming a recycling business.
Profile Pic Simon Petrikov says:
I wouldn't want Jennifer Aniston back either.
Profile Pic taslima lia says:
is that andy dufresne?
Profile Pic Dzabel Al says:
why am i watching 2014 movie TRAILER IN 2017
Profile Pic scrainbow1234 says:
I love John hawkes!!
Profile Pic Serhii Novikov says:
Profile Pic Poor Finian says:
Sad that I thought this was coming soon... and it was released 2 years ago!
Profile Pic Jeremiah makaveli says:
i almost thought 1 of the kidnappers was DJ squall from the new guy
Profile Pic Tammie Heazlit says:
i saw this movie a few months ago. Its awesome. highly recommend.

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