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Gasoline Gus (1921)

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Watch Gasoline Gus movie online free - Based on the comic strip character and his auto obsessed life.

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Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 00:00:00

Released: 1921-08-20



Profile Pic Hans Carl Clausen says:
I just added a long lost Gaar Williams "ZIPPER" comic from 1934 to the web, for everyone's pleasure :
Profile Pic Frank Nicholas says:
Was this used in theaters? Absolutely great!
Profile Pic Arye Michael Bender says:
Always thought of them plying their trade in the Drawing Room.
Profile Pic 02powergirl says:
Carl Ed was a harsh man.
Profile Pic LindsayCzarniakSucks says:
The creator of these are probably rolling in their graves right now seeing what the Tribune has become.
Profile Pic retrovideofestival says:
Terry and The Pirates,Brenda Starr and Dondi were still all in Tribune's future as well :)
Profile Pic travishalverson says:
Thanks. I love Harold Gray's drawings. It's interesting to see the scale that these artist drew in. I find myself drawing small to fit in a copy machine.
Profile Pic SacredHarp says:
They're all right-handed -- or else their teachers beat some of them for using their lefts. Now, how many of these guys actually wore their SUITS at the drawing table? Egad.
Profile Pic dearmalika says:
Amazing! This is so intreresting!Thanks so much for posting!
Profile Pic Robert Beerbohm says:
Just discovered this, thanks for posting !!

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