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Edgeplay: A Film About The Runaways (2004)

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Watch Edgeplay: A Film About The Runaways movie online free - "EDGEPLAY: A film about The Runaways" chronicles the rise and disintegration of the seminal '70's all-teenage-girl rock band The Runaways, whose members included then-unknown future rock stars Lita Ford and Joan Jett. The film explores the effects of verbal, emotional and psychological abuse on girls too young to drink, but old enough for sex, drugs and rock n' roll. Written by Sacred Dogs Entertainment

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Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 1:50:00

Released: 2004-10-07


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Profile Pic Michael Cummings says:
Very real, open, I appreciate everyone's candor, superbly done Vicki... in the end I had to agree with Sandy, at that point, 1 more album with a world tour would have been Fantastic!!!! The Runaways wail !!!! RIP Sandy West, an incredible drummer...
Profile Pic George Doughly says:
Kim fowley was an Abusive ASSHOLE
Profile Pic dava noncom says:
Alcott was the main cause of Phil Lynott's death thru drugs. Lynott was never a big drug user... but Alcot was one of those twats who thinks that sex and drugs and rock and roll all go together... no matter if the band or the people involved are just not into the drug scene... he would divide and conquer thru manipulation... li...
Profile Pic dava noncom says:
oohhhh yeh.... it's alright!
Profile Pic Harley Breakout Guy says:
Kim Fowley is a rapist !!!
Profile Pic s c2002 says:
34:16 i love cherie
Profile Pic the madafaka says:
man..watching all these girls..the real deal...that movie of them really did a bad job casting wise, EXCEPT for Michael Shannon as Fowley. especially Dakota as the lead, she's NOTHING like the real mcCoy... she's way too soft and girly..and just WRONG.
Profile Pic ajaxfilms says:
Wow! Not a moment of good vibes...just anger and abuse...I really like their music...but this is just sad.
Profile Pic spicecrop says:
Man she has some nice tits.
Profile Pic Amree S says:
I feel so bad for Sandy, knowing that she was still so torn up about everything and went down a pretty scary path after The Runaways. She was such a talent and deserved so much better.

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