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Until Death (1987)

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Watch Until Death movie online free - A man and woman murder the woman's husband and six years later must now contend with her son's nightmares and the arrival of a stranger who might know something about the case.

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Genre: TV Movie, Horror

Runtime: 1:33:00

Released: 1987-01-01


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Profile Pic Metaluna Zombie says:
the actor David Brandon in this, he's always playing priests, odd to see him playing a more harsh role here.
Profile Pic Moodz616 says:
Ya these releases are pricey even over here and I swear their all OOP now, I can't seem to find them anywhere now, cheers Gary!!!
Profile Pic Moodz616 says:
Ya I actually knew that about the film and just failed to mention it in the review about the Italian audio track. No idea why Mya Communications released it with them glitches its not that hard to take out as I have a background in audio engineering...This is def a fun film though, cheers Jason!!!
Profile Pic Moodz616 says:
I think the cursing was put into it after in the dub to be honest and of course the nudity also. These films when released are released with alternate footage not shown on TV I would assume, cheers Jeff!!
Profile Pic Moodz616 says:
I think you would like this one James. Just remember its a TV film, but its very entertaining IMO, cheers buddy!!!
Profile Pic Moodz616 says:
Thanks buddy, def one of the better TV films IMO!!
Profile Pic Moodz616 says:
HAhahhahah, funny guy Bill!!! Cheers mate, this one was a good TV film for sure!!
Profile Pic Jason Whitney says:
another Lamberto Bava film i haven't seen, being a Bava fan, I will have to check this one out. I have heard that if you watch the Italian language version on that film the audio glitches are not present, but of course there is no subs for that version of the film. Haven't seen the film, but that is what i have heard about it.
Profile Pic RawHead Fred says:
wow for a TV movie you had a lot to say about this one. Was there hard cussing in the movie? like the F word and such? Back in the 80's here in the US there was some movie with some pretty hash words but the big ones never got on the air.
Profile Pic 1rxmas1 says:
Hey man cool review. Never seen this one but sounds pretty decent. Will have to check it out sometime.

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