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The Magical Sword of Skeletal Spirit (1969)

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Watch The Magical Sword of Skeletal Spirit movie online free - A man who left his wife to study for a government exam happens to see a drowning woman in a mountain and rescues her. To thank him she takes him home deep in the mountain. He ends up staying with her for years, putting his study behind. But she learns that the woman he saved from the drowning sea was a vampire. Meanwhile his wife finds where her husband is with the Buddha's revelation, kills the vampire and brings him back safely to their home.

The Magical Sword of Skeletal Spirit Poster

Genre: Horror, Drama

Runtime: 1:20:00

Released: 1969-01-01



Profile Pic Robert Collings says:
The Cyclops gave me bad dreams for weeks after I watched 7TH VOYAGE...Rereleac
Profile Pic kdurston1 says:
Best movie ever. It sounds hokey, but it's as magical at 37 as it was at 9 years old. A classic!
Profile Pic Moronvideos1940 says:
The hell with this method of viewing Movies ....
Profile Pic Seyyar Tedorov says:
love this movie so much.

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