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The American Experience: Henry Ford (2013)

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Watch The American Experience: Henry Ford movie online free - HENRY FORD paints a fascinating portrait of a farm boy who rose from obscurity to become the most influential American innovator of the 20th century.

The American Experience: Henry Ford Poster

Genre: History, Documentary

Runtime: 1:55:00

Released: 2013-01-29


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This video is propaganda as Henry Ford used to say
Profile Pic Kimbler Lewis says:
"breath of vision" ... " monominiacal FOCUS"...
Profile Pic Modern Day Warrior says:
Liberal minded PBS assumes that anyone who is successful must be EVIL! Henry Ford was EVIL! Walt Disney was EVIL! Anyone who is successful must be EVIL...unless they are liberal minded, like PBS. Of course Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are not evil...because PBS agrees with them.
Profile Pic Tommy Ujkaj says:
I hear Henry ford blew Adolf hitter in the back of the first model T.
Profile Pic Michael Nguyen says:
Oh yes, PBS must always put a leftist spin on things... why can't they leave things alone?
Profile Pic tcorourke2007 says:
11:02 "...but the overall objective 'make the thing better' is never lost sight of." Un... aren't most people developing a product trying to make it better? I'm also pretty sure a few if not most of the hundred other companies working on designing cars at the time were 9:55 "thinking of the big picture." Nancy F. Koehn is ...
Profile Pic David Morton says:
Profile Pic Bruce Fultz says:
Bunch of Rainbow. Fascist. On here
Profile Pic Bruce Fultz says:
Nazi? Doubt it.
Profile Pic P.H. Hennin says:
Bunch of the guy himself. A thief. An egomaniac and ohh evil retard who got maniac by his own power so much so it was no problem to steal to kill to cheat and then yes you can end up on the top or dead. He was just a lucky thief.

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