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Forced Vengeance (1982)

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Watch Forced Vengeance movie online free - A casino security guard is forced into violence from when the Hong Kong mob threatens his friends.

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Runtime: 1:30:00

Released: 1982-07-30


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Profile Pic Scherl Kurt says:
nice old stile classic! watch my youtube fight clip: bruce lee inspiration/fatal encounter
Profile Pic MARK INGEMI says:
Profile Pic Ras Fiend says:
Mary Louise Weller was so hot in the 80's
Profile Pic AngelofAnguish says:
@ 1:46, in my opinion, that guy's "block and tackle" is within "striking distance!"
Profile Pic AFinleyProductions says:
love this movie
Profile Pic Tibor Hegeds B says:
I was born in 1982!
Profile Pic Barry Pitzel says:
The boogey man checks for Chuck Norris under the bed before he goes to bed.
Profile Pic slamjamdame230487 says:
He doesn't have look for the trouble, he is trouble
Profile Pic CrunchyDaddy says:
One of Chuck Norris' best documentaries, he doesn't have to kick near as many people these days Fact: Everyone who was kicked by Chuck in this movie saw their children born with bootmarks
Profile Pic CARLOSVLA5 says:
That guy just signed his death sentence when he drop Chuck's hat on th floor.

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