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Lady Audleys Geheimnis (1978)

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Genre: Drama

Runtime: 00:00:00

Released: 1978-06-03



Profile Pic rapbox AK says:
Im doing the George murder scene in Drama class so this really helped me thanks for having it up!
Profile Pic Reynard Foxx says:
11 mins in - already 2 errors.The novel was written in 1862 about a bigamy case in 1860. Why does this film place it in 1868? Second: the main character is 'a beautiful, childlike blonde." Hardly as portrayed here.
Profile Pic NocturnalJournal says:
think this adaptation does a disservice to the novel
Profile Pic Jupiter Moon says:
People are complaining of no sound, but I had sound!
Profile Pic Natasha says:
Oh MY``.. I am downloading this one`.. I know already she has an affair with her husbands daughte``````````` hmmmm
Profile Pic Avery 20 says:
ang galing ng gumawa nito
Profile Pic Christine Lamprechter says:
So sorry... not a translation!
Profile Pic Nicki Donaldson says:
Sound is crap, headphones on max & still can't hear it properly. Why bother uploading?
Profile Pic BehrooZ Abshar says:
from PERSIA with Passion
Profile Pic Corazon Carbon says:
No sound

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