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Love Covers All (2014)

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Watch Love Covers All movie online free - When a new dad gets stranded out of state with his wife in labor back home, it puts his faith and fractured family to the ultimate test.

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Released: 2014-10-07



Profile Pic Lovel Fernandez says:
i love this movie..through God nothing is impossible..does anyone knows the title of the song?
Profile Pic Daniel Neuretter says:
Crap for stupid white Americans!
Profile Pic Gossip City says:
acting is good compare to God is Not Dead movie. that movie is piece of shit.. but im wondering in this movie fucos in birthing? where s the essence? so i say not interesting.
Profile Pic Cody stevens says:
what's the point of watching it now the trailer showed us the whole movie
Profile Pic MrAudienceMember says:
Love will find a way. ;)
Profile Pic 3656761 says:
Saw this last night on tv, did not know about it beforehand, excellent movie!
Profile Pic Jordan Spieth says:
+praisepictures Looks like a great movie! I'm going tom have to watch it. Thank you all, keep up the good work and Jesus loves you! :) 
Profile Pic Jessica Gilfillan says:
What an awful idea for a movie. 
Profile Pic MisterEpicMuffin says:
This is a very great film. I was able to see this before it was finished and I jest want to say this is defiantly a film to see. I always didn't like it how in most Christian  movies the Christian was the "great perfect guy" and the non-believer was like some "horrible person that needs to repent" But this film gets it right. W...
Profile Pic John Brandon Keever says:
Beautiful Cinematography and a moving story. I LOVE this cast, Michael Joiner and Shannen Fields especially! Love Covers All is another home run for Kyle Prohaska and Praise Pictures! Oct 7th can't get here fast enough!

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