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Stage on Screen: The Women (2002)

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Watch Stage on Screen: The Women movie online free - Adaptation of the play by Clare Boothe Luce.

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Runtime: 3:00:00

Released: 2002-06-18



Profile Pic Ozzie Solo says:
Does Mary hate her son?
Profile Pic Billy Twee says:
What's wrong here? These are competent actresses, so I guess the blame must be placed on the director for this mess,. I've watched televised/filmed plays, but usually without an audience, and they came across nicely. Miss Nixon was misdirected; she could never be this bad on her own.
Profile Pic Jamie Rattigan says:
This should never have been attempted.
Profile Pic Shannon Silva says:
love this because Rue is my favorite actress and I have enjoyed watching her in any role, but, I have to agree some of the acting was just painful to watch, I won't name names but 2 in particular, I felt were unfortunate casting choices. Still, I enjoyed this very much!
Profile Pic Tim Brandt says:
Thanx sooooooo much! Had heard about this production but never thought I'd see it!!!! There are so many negative comments about the acting! Being an actor myself, I know the difference between stage and screen. On stage, you have to be heard and seen in the back of the theatre. It deliberately makes you louder and more exaggera...
Profile Pic glamdolly20 says:
It would be very helpful if the description listed the names of the actresses.
Profile Pic Angie W says:
Profile Pic Nana Berry says:
Sorry, but, this is NOT the best version. The 1939 film is the best version. Cynthia Nixon is a horrible as Mary Haines! What is with that Brooklyn accent she is using??? She is too shrill. Norma Shearer player Mary with maturity and the sophistication of a 1939 socialite. Tilley is too cutesy and way too obvious as Crystal... t...
Profile Pic IMbirdieful says:
Live theater never readds well on film. There is no point whatsoever in comparing this to the film version. Not only is it nothing like seeing it live, but the manner of acting is very different from stage to film.
Profile Pic Gianni Yanez says:
This is like the best cast ever

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